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Question 1 of 10
Black Monday in 1987 refers to which of these areas?
Question 2 of 10
What motto has been inscribed on all American coins and banknotes since 1956?
Question 3 of 10
What was the name of the period of dust storms that affected American the 1930s?
Question 4 of 10
Which of these terms refers to "peace in one's own nation"?
Question 5 of 10
As of 2006, who is the only US President to have resigned from office?
Question 6 of 10
What Egyptian ruler sided with Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium?
Question 7 of 10
Which Commodore personal computer was launched in 1982?
Question 8 of 10
Which of these are a nomadic people of the Arabian Peninsula?
Question 9 of 10
In 1980, Vigdis Finnbogadottir was Iceland's first President who was also what?
Question 10 of 10
Who was the only US President before 2007 to represent Missouri?
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